Monday, January 08, 2007

What is Stockshaker, anyways?

Stockshaker is designed with one purpose in mind: empower the individual working investor.

The stock market is simply just a place where shares are bought and sold: Simple as that. However, what is extraordinary is that millions of people use this simple system to garner huge profits by exploiting different opportunities that present itself every minute of the trading day. I became interested in the markets, many, many years ago because of this reason. And to this day, that reason is what makes me get up at least 2 hours before the market opens to read news and look over charts before things really start getting intense.

When I started trading for myself, I was still working my regular job. I was mesmerized when I started reaching profits that mirrored and surpassed my office job salary. Don’t get me wrong, being a successful trader is a lot of hard work. I remember in the beginning I would spend hours after work, reading, learning, and researching. After some time, you learn a few tricks, you reach a comfort level, and becoming a little more proficient in trading; things started to work themselves out, and the hard work started paying off. Today, I still spend endless hours on researching, but instead of working a day job, I run a stock market consulting group, where we design profitable strategies for our clients.

The beauty of the market is that you don’t need to quit your day job to do well. While I would spend hours after work to look at news and charts based on closing stock prices, I would really only need maybe ten minutes during the trading day to check up on my portfolio (it was a perfect marriage between day job and secret stock market job). And really, what’s the point if you have to check every tick on the Dow?

What my passion is, where I find happiness, is finding the next opportunity. To this day, the company, Stockshaker, is driven by a passion, a work ethic, and a hunger for information as I did when I first started. And that is why our clients appreciate our services: we find opportunities, develop strategies, and comment on the market action – all in an easy to understand, highly illustrative methodology.

Check out our website, we have some great information that most firms charge their clients for. We have amazing, eye popping, completely out of the box strategies that you can start working into your trading practices, right away. Have you signed up for our newsletter? It’s completely witty: good information, peppered with jokes, and fun material. And it is free.

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes, and we are happy to spend the time if that means you can come hang out with us, click around our website, read our stuff, watch our videos, or listen to our podcasts.

So, let’s work together, and make some money in these markets, shall we?

Happy trading,

Kunal Kalsani


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