Friday, January 26, 2007

The Party at Ford's Place is Cancelled

Blink 182’s video, The Rock Show, is a perfect example of a band having fun with excess money. I mean, there’s always the token scene of giving money to charity, or the stripper car wash, but let’s be honest – the best part of the video is when the band’s van reverses (for good measure) into the newly crumpled car (which seconds ago was hoisted, and free fell into the ground below); That, or the woman getting a mullet. Priceless.

THAT is what you do with excess money. Throw one hell of a party.

But, I guess those guys at Ford don’t know how to throw a party, despite throwing away $12.7 BILLION in 2006.

See, I don’t criticize good ol’ Billy Ford (previous CEO who is accountable for the disastrous mis-management of a company his family started … way to leave a legacy, buddy!) But, I do think Bill Ford is a complete moron for having nothing to show for it. I mean, for losing $12.7 billion, at least let the media tag you for using corporate accounts to buy a house built entirely of platinum, or purchasing Granada (hell, do both!).

$12.7 Billion and all you get is a picture of yourself in the paper for being the biggest moron on Wall Street.

Didn’t even buy a Camry… shame on you!

The question is, will Ford be able to come back? What do you think?

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