Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Stockshaker Newsletter: The Red Hot Stock Market Newsletter

We, at Stockshaker.com, love the Internet. In some shape or form, everything we do is related to the Internet. We think that is because it brings together such a huge audience. We’ve had clients from Australia, to Malaysia – and all was possible because of this great communication tool.

Despite our respect for such a great tool, we are still beginners when it comes to all the tools available for gaining such virtual exposure.

A little while back, we launched our first stock market newsletter entitled (aptly!) “The Red Hot Stock Market Newsletter.”

The purpose was simple: provide practical, thoughtful, and motivational information that can be used primarily for one’s own investing endeavors.

We wanted to make this newsletter have a purpose – discuss an array of interesting and very useful information including topics ranging from: becoming a better investor (developing your own trading plan, what are some great strategies) to capitalizing on market-created opportunities (i.e. how to capitalize on hot sectors, how to play the FED announcements) We also have our own personal experiences when it comes to investing in the markets, AS WELL as stories sent to us from our clients or students.

To be honest, we were a little skeptical about this additional effort, because honestly, who reads emails anymore (HA!)

So sign up! (We DO NOT share your information with anyone else).


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