Monday, October 02, 2006

Hello world (again)

Well, while this site has been up for a few months, it was more of a on-off type of relationship. Well, NOW we have revamped the image, added a few items, and actually got dedicated to this relationship!

It is almost like a new beginning - and rightfully so. Autumn is around the corner, and I can feel that this could be the beginning of a very good thing. I'm actually very excited.

What has changed? Well first, we got our ebook up and going. Now, we don't have an ecommerce cart set up or anything, so until we figure out how to set up paypal on websites, if you wanted to buy the book, you'll have to go to, and check our listings (under user id: stockshaker).

But, now its time to reveal this new site, right? A new look, a new logo, our company is all set up, and we are equipt with a sense of humor, edgy commentary, and sweet, sweet, photoshop (hence the nice, pretty, pictures).

Lets get some community built up, shall we?

I guess because we are starting up, you'll see changes happen on the fly, as things present themselves. If you notice something odd, comment, or email us ( - don't actually send email to that account as yet, because those hosting guys are still getting it active.

Until next posting (which I guess will be right away, becuase I have to do my TA on today's action), BOOK MARK this page!!!

ps. The picture above has huge copyright signs, so I better give recognition to the people:

Kunal Kalsani


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