Saturday, September 30, 2006

An award for being hard working

When I think of corporate business, many movies come to mind. Cut throat deals, yelling across multi foot boardrooms, paper flying all over the place, and rows and rows of cubicles. Then there are the undertones of mafia like espionnage - insider tradings, the wall street water cooler discussions about the next "hot" stock.

To me, its all hollywood, or rather, all robotic. Everyone seems to be looking out for themselves, and trying to have "one up" over the next guy - who has the nicest corner office, best parking spot for their Ferrari.

But I'll never know, because I have no intentions of living in the corporate lifestyle. And who knows, maybe the above actually goes on - it makes no difference to me.

But what DID catch my attention, is what is going on in HP. CEO Hurd had to go in front of Congress and explain what has been going on at HP:

"Since H-P admitted on Sept. 6 that investigators working for the company engaged in pretexting -- or misrepresentation of their identities to obtain private information about H-P board members, employees and journalists -- there has been no shortage of blame or resignations from the technology giant. Chairwoman Patricia Dunn, general counsel Ann Baskins, senior counsel Kevin Hunsaker and former head of global-security operations Anthony Gentilucci have all left H-P. According to documents acquired by the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, each of them had some direct involvement in the pretexting case..." -

See, what surprised me is that Hurd acknowledged the activity, and basically said "whoops". What resulted - applause. The stock price on HP rose signalling that the shareholders still like him - AND THAT is good news. Hurd is changing things at HP; he's shaking things around over there.

Hard work, brings loyal followers. And that is something you don't see everyday, especially not in some money crazied, starbucks jolted place like wall street.


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