Saturday, August 19, 2006

Why the hell hasn't he posted yet?

Ok, I've been checking the stats on the blog, and we've been getting more hits on this site. So I, honestly, appreciate the support. But for many returning visitors, I bet you wonder, WHAT THE HELL Is going on with this blog, where are all the posts????


As you may know, I am a stock investor/trader by day, but my real profession is as a teacher: I teach people how to profit in the markets. I teach via online, real time taught, classrooms, about basic and advanced stock options, as well a seperate class on technical analysis.

Anyways, with a recent upswing in classes (due probably in part of the real estate sector slowing down, and thus not as hot as an investment as before - in the US), many investors are turning to the stock market, because as many people know, you can benefit (PROFIT) when the markets are going up, down or even sideways.

That is huge.

Since I have been back from Europe (refer to my last post, a whole whopping month ago!), I have been working on an e-book, a practical strategy, called:


I am really excited about it, in fact, I'm itching with giddy-ness just writing this sentence.

AND THAT is what I'll post up soon, a few excerpts from the book.

If you are interested in finding more about my classes, or the release date of the e-book, just email or leave a comment.

ALSO, with a brand new rotation of online classes about to begin, I want to really start plugging in more time on here, with INTERACTIVE market commentaries (done in Flash!), and possible watchlists (along with good analysis of what I see), since I have a tendancy of posting on other people's blogs about all this TA info, without any graphs (OOOPS!)

Thanks for reading.

email/comment if you have any questions!

By the way, Europe WAS amazing!


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