Friday, June 23, 2006

Have pen, will travel

The pen is mightier than the sword.

With the economy looking like it's about to fall into shambles, we have received an influx of new clients looking to find out how to benefit from a possible Bear Market.

To me, I find it a little funny because I once was talking to a stockbroker buddy, and he, nor his company short stock (which is a very pessimistic move in the States - did anyone read the headline page of Marketwatch last week about Short Selling?)

Anyways, not only that, but none of these "professionals" trade options.

New clients, however, are ready to take on the challenge of learning about options, and how to protect their portfolio against future possible downspins.

In an effort to prepare new studying material, I decided to write a little interesting piece entitled "How to Rent Out Your Blue Chip Stocks For Cash"

In the next few days it should be done, and I can start posting some hot excerpts.

The actual piece will be sold as an Ebook, and the link will be posted on this site.

Your feedback, whether thru the site or email, is always welcome.


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